Best Art & Craft Classes in Ahmedabad 

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Art and craft classes in Ahmedabad

Mix Media(Basic)

Dream catchers

Mix Media(Intermediate)

art and craft classes in Ahmedabad

Greeting Cards

Mix Media(Professional)

art and craft classes in Ahmedabad

Paper Crafts

Best Art and Craft Classes in Ahmedabad


Art and craft classes in Ahmedabad; the one that is up for bringing the best of the art in you. Being an artist is a beautiful gift. Carrying forward the legacy of artists we at winks of joy have come up with an initiative to teach our students and up coming artists with the best of the arts. In this era of digitization the emotional value is diminishing and it is hence important for us to  bring out and gesture of emotion and bring out art and gifts that are exclusively handmade. So whenever a person decides to gift something to someone it should involve those man hours and love behind the same. For us this art and craft classes is a mission to keep handcrafted gifts and art structures alive. This is because humanity is still alive for love and emotions.

Learn amazing crafts at the art and craft classes in Ahmedabad


Crafting is something ancient. It resides in our culture. The team at winks of joy decided to initiate the word of handmade gifts. The beauty of art is always respected because the efforts that are made are just out of love and emotions. By this art and craft classes in Ahmedabad we would like to initiate the reach of all the craft lovers in Ahmedabad. If people are wanting to learn art we would love to teach them! Because this is something that fulfills our sole motto of Exclusive Handmade Gifting!

Have fun while learning art with  the artists of winks of joy – Get in touch to learn art and craft