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Artistic Photo Frame by Winks of Joy! She was seeking for somebody who can get her idea come into reality. She found out a beautiful frame on internet but was in dilemma who would get it done for her. Some how she reached us through one of her colleagues and showed what exactly she is wanting. What was thereafter; We got her the right size and quality of her desired photo frame. Along with the Artistic Photo Frame we brought a laser cut our for her loved one’s name so as to enhance to the gift. We started planning from August second week and since we had ample time we made the best of our creativity. Here our creative artist added decors to the frame. It was though a surprise for the person. Our team went on the day of his birthday i.e. 5th September 2017 to surprise him with the flower bouquet and the artistic photo frame. He was indeed surprised in the early morning of his birthday. The photo frame consisted of 8 photos. Moreover the size was also big enough; approximately 30 x 36 inches. The whole surprise was also backed by a perfume from a well-known perfumery! Indeed the day was great and the lady who planned out was happy with us too! Go through the Scrapbook that she also ordered for her fiance’s  birthday!

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  • Artistic Photo Frame

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