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DIY Photocage – The Story

DIY photocage for decors that certainly beautifies your ambiance is something that you should opt for gifting. Photo cages are in trend these days and certainly they are loved too. While you gift mere gift articles winks of joy always say; Gift different, Gift handmade! Now when you ask for a decorative cage, we provide it for three sizes. She who was planning for her sister’s birthday wanted something elegant and cute! something which has lights and looks adorable. We provided her this option because a decorative cage can be kept for DIY home decors and hence it is contained with photos. Photos can be always changed and replaced with the newer ones. The concept of this kind of  gifting came from bird cage wherein birds are caged by people to protect and preserve them, to  love them and keep them safe. Similarly a photo cage  is gifted to keep all the life long memories well protected. It is something that looks beautiful when enlightened. We provided her a mini photo cage with photos and lights attached. The photo cage cage was golden in color which is again in trend in gifting. Hence it was something that her sister adored on her birthday. Sometimes, tiny things to keep memories means a lot for our loved ones. Gifts at winks of joy makes it more meaningful and lovely!

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