Event Inauguration of Asan Yoga School


Designer Decor

Story behind the event inaugurated:

We managed an Event for a well know Yoga school. She came to us searching for a better interior for her yoga school. She dint wanted to spend a lot of money but she wanted to recreate a serene environment at her yoga school. It was just the beginning and so she wanted sober and attracted things that shines her studio. The creative team at winks of joy suggested her many creative things and she insisted us to recreate her studio ourselves. As her the inauguration was also managed by team of winks of joy, we planned many things for her yoga studio and the event. They were like maintaining the greenery of the giant balcony, getting right size and right number of canvases to put at her yoga school, miniature plants and the giant piece of art i.e. the huge canvas of he Yoga Gurus attached above.

While on the other hand we managed her inauguration right from inviting her guests and managing decor from real flowers, taking interviews from the guests and managing supper. Hence it was a great experience with the lady and hosting guests and taking all the positives from loved ones. It was her first initiative that was taking a shape in the first step of her career. We loved by being and an inseparable part of the Yoga school. For full glimpses of the event and our work:  Click Here

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