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Winks of Joy is a Event Managing company in which you can find the solution of your each and every problem regarding management of your events and planning them in a best way. You can easily make your any occasions most amazing and memorable from small to big functions. Small and precious to Big and amazing Decorations and events are planned within the skilled team of winks of joy by giving surity of a perfect Facilities and flexible atmosphere.

We create entertainment and really define it designer. Winks of Joy includes unique ideas to involve the audience/guests on various occasion in the family as well as corporate get together. We make unique stages and designs for marriage events and new games for fun, music to each and every guest of any age.We are the event planners in Ahmedabad by making your needs fulfilled to make your events more interesting and lovely. We are here to manage your beautiful events like Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Baby Shower, Engagement Party, Wedding Planning, Ganesha Decoration, Navratri Mandap Decoration, Reception Decoration and many more.

Our Expertise

Event Planning and Event Decorations are not a easy thing to manage in a perfect way without any loop holes or problems. If any of the events look beautiful and pretty then behind its look there is lots and lots of hard as well as smart work of many kind humans. Events should be managed properly so that there will be a kind of healthy atmosphere maintained between decorator and client. By dealing with all your hurdles and making your events more enjoyable for you we are providing our effective and best services from which you will become free of all the headaches by working with us.Winks of Joy with its expertise and being very close to you can take care of every pre -wedding, wedding, & post-wedding requirement, Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Bachelor Party, Room Decoration by making the ceremonies enjoyable & memorable. We have good command & exclusivity in managing traditional occasions on every function like mehandi , haldi, lagan geet, mayera & jalwa (baby shower).

Let’s have a detail of what We provide!

Birthday Party Decoration

Birthday Parties are the most important and precious celebration in everyone’s life. It can be decorated according to the age group and theme which will give attractive look. Generally Birthday party includes many things like Balloons, Foil Balloons, Fairy Lights, Happy Birthday Tag, Name tag, Flower Petals, Designer Cake and what not. It can be done according to your choice and you can also select the particular location or place for the setups and decoration for your beloved ones. You can make it at your home too and if you want to plan outside then we have the best options of some beautiful places in Ahmedabad too. You can also choose a particular theme based decoration and get it done by our skilled and experienced labours.

Anniversary Decoration

Anniversary Decorations are done almost in love theme for your loved ones. You can surprise your loved ones in the best way by adding some amazing decorations and managing your all the hurdles to make your day most memorable. Our anniversary decoration includes balloons, Love Foil Balloons,Cake,Fairy Lights, Net Fall Canopy with Fairy lights, Flower Petals. If you are planning your whole day of Anniversary for your loved one then we can plan your whole day with amazing decorations and meal too. You can also customize your decoration in unique way by suggesting your ideas too and get it done with us perfectly. We also have some tie ups with hotels in which you can book your rooms and get the decorations done in more private and convinient way.

Baby Shower Decoration

We at Winks of Joy provides you with the Absoutely perfect services for those golden days of your life to make them more special. The aura of amazingly decorated ambience gives the most pretty and happy vibes to your loved ones. Hence we are here  with some delecate and decent decorating ideas that will make more clear your vision and mind.We have different types of balloons which we can match it up with your need and requirements. They are also in several colours so that you can choose your favorite one.Our team shall discuss with you about the event that you are goint to host. We shall discuss with you about your likes and dislikes.Then we will make sure with you for what type and theme and type of decoration would be done for your occasion. We can also make you aware about glimpse of our work and services from which you can have ideas about our creativity. 

Reception Decoration

Merriage is the most amazing occasion in our life but reception is also one big occasion and stage decoration by beautiful, different and colorful flowers and varieties of customized things included to make it look more decent. Reception Decoration is the most royal occasion to celebrate after the wedding night. Reception includes the unique decoration, with some taste of music and delicious Dinner. If you are looking to make your reception more memorable and pretty then we have some amazing ideas to manage al the small to big things. Our reception decoration includes Entrance decoration, stage decoration, Music Setups, Party Setup, Catering Arrangement and much more that you want to include.

Engagement Party Decorations

Engagement is the sweet and simple day to make billions of memories and make every single moment most memorable and pretty. It includes some small traditions to be followed and some pretty celebrations for your beloved ones. You can celebrate the engagement day in the most unique way with us by managing all the work in a very simplest way. Our Engagement party management includes the Entrance, Stage with Backdrops and some pretty banners designed and customized with the name of Couple. If you need any other requirements then we are always here to provide you with the same with our skilled and experienced labor and make you free from al the hassles of managing the Engagements.


Wedding Mandap Decoration

As the Decoration comes first always when we talk about wedding night, mandap holds the utmost importance in any theme wedding. In indian Culture mandap is decorated in the most royal way. It holds the prettiest among all the wedding decorations. If you are also looking for some amazing themes and unique designs to decorate your mandap then Winks of Joy is your best Guider. We at Winks of Joy are taking the head to toe responsibility  of making your mandap the most beautiful and pretty ones. Mandap decoration includes Floral Mandap Decoration , Lighting Mandap Decoration, Balloon Mandap Decoration, Photo Theme Based Mandap Decoration.


Navratri Decoration

Navratri is the most popular and well known festival in Gujarat. It includes the nine days of celebration with worshiping goddess Ambe with decorating the residence of the people. This decoration holds the main importance of Mandap Decoration in which goddess Ambe has been worshiped for nine days. If you are looking to make your navratri mandap decoration in much traditional and pure way then we can help you in better way. Our special services of event panning also includes mandap decoration in which we have numbers of decoration ideas for you. You can just have a look to them and choose the right one for you and get it done perfectly!

Ganesha decoration

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most popular festival in hindu culture. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated ten days by worshipping Lord ganesha by decorating thw whole residence and houses too for welcoming lord ganesha. This Decoration includes the most unique and attractive theme based decoration which makes your place takes to look like next level beautiful. This Decoration includes entrance, Mandap, Banners and much more to make it look more royal and rich.

Why Us?

We are always at our edge to provide you with the best of us. If You have any Budget related issues then also you do not have to worry at all because we provide you with the most amazing services that comes in your budget and will satisfy your needs fully too. We have skilled and experienced labors. If you want anything to be customized then also you can make your own banners and boarding of your favorite design for the particular occasion or function. One of the main thing of any service or product business is healthy relation with clients and customers and cooperation too. So we always consider your problems and needs on primary basis and solve it as soon as possible with our quick efforts.

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