Winks of Joy Gift for Christmas  – Box include:

An Antique Designer Watch

Story behind the gift for Christmas :

We created a gift for Christmas for beloved mother. It was Christmas coming soon. Winks of Joy decided to make a campaign to surprise people and send free gifts to their loved ones. We asked people by describing a gift that they want to  gift on Christmas to their loved ones. The lucky winner of the campaign would get a chance to send gifts for free. This is one of those lucky winner; a son who asked for an antique watch which would bring happiness on his mother’s face during the Christmas. We planned to surprise her by presenting a beautiful watch with classy presentation of the gift. His mother’s reactions were worth recording and hence, the son said: “You actually brought joy.”

Sometimes, gifting brings joy and happiness on the faces of your loved ones. The lived alone since his mother stayed involved in household chores and dint think anything for herself. But she felt lovely by getting the gift for Christmas. The campaign for giving gifts on Christmas provided us real happiness. Since we sent smiles, memories, love and togetherness among loved ones. Send gifts and surprises to your loved ones we are here to make them happy! Happiness is something that is lacked these days. Through gifts if there is something that bring smiles on faces it becomes essential.

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