Winks of Joy designer gift for husband!

Handmade Designer Bamboo Basket | LED Light Strip with Battery

Handmade Designer Box | Real Flowers and Photos | Scented Candles

Story behind the Gift for Husband:

Gifts for husband is indeed a typical situation for every home maker. She thought deeply and chose us for conceptual planning of designer gift for her husband. After analyzing her husband’s liking and disliking along with their relationship we decided to plan this gift box for husband.

There were many options like cuff-links or tie or pens but winks of joy indeed wanted to provide something pure and original. We made a cardboard box and painted it (as seen in the picture above and the video), a bamboo basket having real flowers and scented candles. The basket was surrounded with Led lights attached with a detachable battery having life more than 6 months. It was her husband’s birthday so we wanted to make him feel special; so we delivered the gift box at her home so that she could easily surprise him at 12 am!

See what amazing things this designer gift box has!. You will fall in love with this 48 second video.

There were many little decorations over the gift box and on the basket added with their beautiful photographs. Who won’t love to provide something that is just not expensive but purely love depicting? Of course, no one! So a right gift for husband should be a perfect choice because loving husbands have or can buy every materialistic item from some store but the real gift is something that a wife plans with full of originality, handmade and love!

You can click here to see the insiders of the handmade designer gift.

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