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Antique Fish Shaped handmade mud pot | Miniature Plants | Chocolates

Story behind the green gifts :

It was Diwali coming and the manager wanted to gift his staff members something unique and different. Something that can act as a momentum and can be preserved for long. The creative team at winks of joy strive upon providing only something that is handmade and beautiful. So, for the same we same many vendors but the best one was the one who provided something unique and decorative. Yes, these earthen pots made from mud was 100% handmade and beautiful. We affixed mini plants to them and gifted them to the staff members in the name sufficing the green gifts.

It is essential to keep gifting your staff members in return of their services and work. While Diwali is the time when it is must to gift them something or the other. Giving plants to people certainly has a very deep meaning on its own. It means the superior wants to say that you are important for our survival and you mean a lot to the company. Even it is important to make them understand their value. The employees were indeed happy to get green gifts on the special occasion and festival of Diwali. At, Winks of Joy, it is our duty to understand about the values, relationships and love that exists among two parties/people. We are the best one stop solution for all your gifting to your loved ones.

Our Special Services include:-

  • Door step delivery
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