Handmade Mother’s Day Gift

Designer representation | Floral Accordion | Ten Photos

Story behind the Mother's day gift :

Mother’s day gift was designed by our creative team for a lovely mother. The son is working in an MNC far from his home town. He contacted us for a beautiful mother’s day gift. Our creative asked about her liking and favorite colors but he dint mention anything in certain. So we ourselves decided to plan an accordion. A pearl white accordion designed exclusively from handmade papers and paper cards. It has 10 photos that we of course asked from the guy who wanted to send a mother’s day gift to his mother. Mother’s are special, an adorable human being exclusively sent on earth for blessing her children. It took certain hours but we delivered the gift at her doorstep. we saw her overwhelming reactions after receiving his beautiful gift from his son.

We again acted as a mediator and sending gifts is since our passion, we again made it to the most!. She was happy and the guy was thankful indeed. It is important to present gift to our mother. She asks for nothing. She stays happy and contended with what she has. Though it is our duty to gift her the best on this day. Winks of joy with its creative team did it again! So, gift your loved ones the best.

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