A pocket gift for pretty host!

Winks of joy prepared a gift which includes:-

Creative Miniature Purse | A Delicate Pearl Accessory

Story behind the gift :

Pocket gifts!! It was her birthday and she invited us for the occasion. She is a beautiful, fashionable and outshining personality. And she is the one who dint expect our presence but she got surprised on the reunion of all of her college friends. Everybody asked her what she wanted on her day. But since our presence was not so sure she dint tell us about her present. We then planned to make a category of pocket gifts i.e. miniature gifts. For those who are unplanned for any birthday or occasion can ping us keep a miniature gift ready 2-3 hours prior to the occasion. We would keep your miniature present ready for the host. It was a little tough step but we as a gifting portal had to take on something unique and special for the people in Ahmedabad.

Discussing about what can  be included in to those miniature gifts depends upon your budget. For example if your budget is between Rs.200-500, articles for ladies like delicate accessories, diva mugs, custom cards and more can be planned and for gentlemen it can be hand cufs, bows, accessories and more according to the requirements. Moreover for budget over 500 we are keen upon providing something beautiful and handmade. It is important to get you into notice that this service for urgent gifting within 2-3 hours are limited to Ahmedabad city and the prices of the gifts are inclusive of the urgent charges. Since we don’t believe in robbing our customers ‘coz we understand the importance of relationship and happiness.

Our Special Services include:-

  • Door step delivery
  • Urgent 24 hours delivery
  • Planned and theme based presents
  • Surprise planning
  • Turning your idea of gift into reality
  • Creative ideas for surprises

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