Winks of joy prepared a traditional presentation of the

wedding card for  in-laws!

Story behind the wedding card:

There is undoubtedly something great about this wedding card! Everybody in the home were ready for that once in a life moment of happiness i.e. marriage! It is certain that people around you are so excited about celebrations and togetherness. After all, they wanted to present the first wedding card to the in-laws as per the rituals and first card was to be sent to the bride’s place. They demanded something ethnic and traditional that looks great while presenting the wedding card. So, we planned to design a wooden base with traditional decoration. The card was already printed, we re-designed the cover with red and enclosed it with lord Ganesha. We added ingredients like rice seeds, kumkum, silver coin and sweet (chocolate) i.e. which are considered as a good omen.

It is indeed great to present something great to our loved ones. Tying knots is sacred and blissful for both sides of the family. It should be full of love and beauty. Since that one in a life time moment would never return so it is mandatory celebrate to the fullest. With winks of joy it is easier  to get things done in the right way. So whether it is traditional, ethnic, birthday or any event of life we are here for you. We are just a click away to recreate moments of happiness in your lives.

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