Winks of Joy  planned a birthday present!

A mixture of many gifts for her into one.

A Jar of Enlightenment, gift box includes :

Delicate Accessories with cute texts | Homemade Chocolates

Rose and Rose Petals | Led Lights | Confetti

Story behind the designer gift

Gifts for her, that beautiful girl who is one of a kind!

He wanted to give something special to his love of life. Winks of joy planned a jar full of love and beauty which not less than his girl. He wanted her beauty to enhance and so we provided him with beautiful delicate accessories for her different body parts i.e two neck pieces describing her lovely neck, a foot ring, a delicate bracelet and a ring for her adorable ring finger!Isn’t it so lovely of him to think so much of his girl? So, with loads of confetti, flower petals and a tiny  rose; winks of joy delivered him the gift  with utmost delighted presentation. We put on led lights which she can use as a bed side lamp. Also, that little hanging card should not be forgotten which says, “You are one of a kind!”

And at the end of the day the boy said, “Hey, She is happy!” What else you want after planning and delivering a beautiful designer gifts for her. Her birthday present has added to her special day that’s what she said! Indeed we are a medium to create happiness just because of our client’s trust in us.

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