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Story behind the handmade gift box:

We designed a Handmade Gift Box. It was their engagement and he called us 2 days before that special day! He bought an original Police watch for his fiance but wanted something great instead. He wanted to place the watch into something that looks rich and beautiful. He then asked for a handmade gift box, we dint have  samples though we won his trust showing our past work and designer gifts. that we designed. Our creative team decided to design and create a pure white Paris themed box where they wanted to  go. We made a custom box according to the size of the watch box that came with the watch. We then enclosed it with a hand embossed paper to enhance the look of the box.

Once the box was ready we planned to decorate the same with something unique. We made flowers with papers added certain add-ons to enhance the look. The whole handmade gift box was then assembled with handmade flowers and other eye-catching accessories. It indeed redefined the purpose of gift – Their Engagement.

It is sometimes important to recreate something that adds to the beauty of the person and the article you want to gift. Luxury is not beyond happiness but beauty is! He said: “It is beyond beautiful!” You can click here to view more insiders of the gift.

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